How do I find the best Serviced Apartment within my budget?

Besides using price comparison sites, booking accommodation early (I see you all booking your summer holidays in January) and all the obvious tips, there’s a strategy that I would really encourage everyone trying to manage their budget to take when booking a Serviced Apartment (SA).

Did you know that most Online Travel Agents i.e., Expedia etc. take sometimes up to 20% commission of the total cost of the booking? The best way to get a great deal is to book directly with the Serviced Apartment, so always checkout their website before booking. Even when I have contacted customer services directly, I have found apartments that seem to be fully booked online actually have availability or there is space in another, sometimes an even better apartment.

A professional SA provider will have a few apartments dotted around the location you are interested in, contacting them directly will always get you the best price.

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