When should I book a hotel rather than a Serviced Apartment?

I know it may seem strange to suggest that a hotel room may be what you really need rather than a serviced apartment on this site, but my primary aim is to encourage people to get what they need. Our serviced apartments may be part of that, but no product is for everyone … well unless your Coca Cola 😉

So, to answer your question, I’d like to give a definition of a Serviced Apartment. The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers define the term as an ‘umbrella term for a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities, housekeeping and a range of services for guests and where most taxes and utilities are included within the rental price.’ I personally define a SA as a turnkey home from home; with no worries about council tax, utility bills and furnishing, just step in and enjoy your space. Serviced Apartments are a great way to enjoy living and dwelling in a new location to the point that you can make it your home from home.

If you are looking for an experience where you will be waited on, perhaps Serviced Accommodation isn’t what you are looking for. Myself and my team want to ensure you enjoy making the apartment your home away from home, however we cannot regularly be at Reception 24/7. Our customer services team is only a call away and all the steps to accessing the SA are provided before arrival, but we give you the opportunity to step into your own room in peace, blend into the community and live like a local.

If you want freedom to direct your day and meals as you see fit, if you want to have space to live as a family unit in a new place, or you want a space that feels as familiar as your actual home; a Serviced Apartment is for you.

Additionally, if you are travelling in a large group say 4 people or more; a Serviced Apartment is always more cost efficient especially if sofa-beds are utilised in the apartment.

We hope you enjoyed this story so much that you would like to book with us, click here for more details.

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